Surrey Police

"999, what's your emergency?"

Have you ever wondered who those officers are that get sent to your 999 or 101 calls? Chances are they're part of the Area Patrol Team (APT).

Our APT officers are trained to a high level and can be sent to deal with almost anything. APT officers thus deal with a wide range of calls daily, like domestics, assaults, traffic stops, missing persons, noise complaints etc. They can even find themselves assisting on firearms and traffic callouts for road closures and evidence collection. Appropriately trained APT officers can also drive the faster advanced level cars and engage in pursuits.

If you want a career where every day is different and challenging and request a level of specialism where you are offered fantastic development and training opportunities, then perhaps you would prefer to join one of our specialist teams. We have a dedicated Traffic Unit and Tactical Firearms unit. Both are supported by both NPAS and our retained dog support unit.

The Force Control Room (FCR) is also part of the Metropolitan Police. The FCR is at the forefront of command and control for Surrey Roleplay Community, providing the county with its police response and controlling the South East Coast Ambulance Service and Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. The FCR provides command to ground units of these services, ensuring a proportionate and effective response and management for all incidents.

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South East Coast Ambulance Service

The South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECamb) is a vital (yes, literally) division within Surrey Roleplay Community. The main role for SECamb is to respond to emergency 999 calls to provide medical care to patients across the county, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Other services SECamb offer include providing pre-arranged patient transport and finding hospital beds. Working with the police and the fire service, SECamb staff are prepared to deal with large-scale or major incidents in Surrey.

The SECamb fleet consists of multiple ambulances, rapid response vehicles (SRVs), rapid response bikes and an unmarked officer car. There are also multiple scripts to enhance roleplay for SECamb staff. Examples includes the ability to realistically perform CPR, and for dead people to remain in place instead of respawning.

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Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

The Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is a vital division in Surrey Roleplay Community. SFRS respond to fires and other emergencies where firefighters aim to prevent fires from causing harm or damage to people and property.

SFRS are based at multiple fire stations, including Guilford and Woking. They are mainly based in Guilford but respond across the county. The fleet currently includes fire appliances along with the station manager's car.

Joint Transport Services are working to add more vehicles to SFRS’s fleet. the brand new appliance as well as the Land Rover Defender have been purchased and more vehicles will be added along the line.

SFRS respond to a variety of calls, ranging from checking smoke detectors to large industrial fires. LFB mainly work beside SECamb and Police units as they attend many RTCs (Road Traffic Collisions).

All of us from SFRS welcome you to join and help and continue to keep SFRS a great division and to keep the streets of Surrey safe. SRPC’s server contains many scripts to provide a fully immersive roleplay experience for SFRS, such as the ability to create and tackle breathtakingly realistic fires.

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As a civilian, you create calls in patrols for the emergency services to respond to and deal with. It is a very enjoyable role within the community - you have freedom to create whatever call you like, and it is a great way to see how the services respond to your incident. From a cardiac arrest and a factory fire, to a road traffic accident or a possible drug deal, you can create whatever you deem appropriate. Being a civilian gives you a great opportunity to be adventurous - it is all down to you.

You can also create custom characters, who could become notorious around the streets of Surrey and end up being a common name between officers. It's down to you to try and get away if you want to stay on the run! But be warned - the police will be hot on your tail so you'll need to be on your toes!

Another integral part of civilian operations is resource management. As a civilian, you are responsible for producing a wide variety of different calls for all divisions, involving different areas and avoiding repetition of calls. You will be able to see which units and divisions are available to respond, and so create calls accordingly so everyone is involved.

Furthermore, there will always be opportunities in the future to transfer to an emergency services role - whether that's in the Police, Fire or Ambulance. Becoming a civilian initially is a fantastic experience to gain initial insight into how the emergency services work and handle the incidents you create.