Community Rules

SRPC prides itself on being a welcoming and relaxed Community where our members feel comfortable. The Community Rules are here to make sure that we maintain the good reputation of the Community and make sure everyone in it knows what is expected of them and what is not acceptable. Please note that to become a member of WRPC you must be aged 16 or above.

1. Respect all Members

Every member, regardless of their community status and/or rank, has the right to be respected. The harassment or abuse of members by other members will not be tolerated. This will result in referral to the Disciplinary Board.

2. No Pornography/Nudity/Racism/Homophobia/Inappropriate Content

The sharing of any of the above via any means is not acceptable and in some cases, where different ages are involved could also become a matter of legality. This will result in immediate action and a referral to the Disciplinary Board.

3. Personal Information / Privacy

We take the privacy of all members extremely seriously. The sharing of any content or link which is personally identifying (such as links to Social Media) other than by the person it regards will be referred to the Disciplinary Board for further action.

4. Courtesy to Members

Please refrain from continually shouting down your headset, spamming chat, channels or poking members excessively - all of this will result in immediate action.

5. No Advertising

There is to be no advertising of any other communities or any commercial operation without the permission of Command.

6. Gold Command has the last say in any matter.

Any decision taken by Silver Command can be challenged but this must be directed to Gold Command who will, in any case, have the final decision.

7. No Multi-Clanning

Multi-Clanning is considered if you are part of another GTA IV and/or GTA V Police Role Play Community. If any member fails to abide by these rules and in doing so breaks any one of them they will be subject to immediate action by any Command Officer. The action to be taken will depend on the circumstances and severity of the rule break and if necessary, the break will be referred to the Disciplinary Board for further review.

8. No drugs / Alcohol on Teamspeak